What is a visual schedule?

Visual Schedules are positive behavioral supports that use pictures to communicate a sequence of events to a child. Children are visual learners and can navigate the world around them better when they can see what you are telling them. Picture schedules help to put the child and the adult on the SAME PAGE by providing clear communication, daily structure and predictability. They are known to reduce stress, build confidence, increase self management and improve cooperative behavior.  

AT HOME  From routines to chores, SchKIDules can make life at home run much smoother. Need a little help with establishing and sticking to healthy daily routines? Have a “type A” child who frequently engages in power struggles? Want introduce chores in a kid-friendly fun way? SchKIDules Home Collection accomplishes all of these. Kids love pictures and understand them better than written to do lists or verbal instruction. They serve as a kid-friendly reminder of what’s next or what’s expected. Parents enjoy not having to repeat themselves as often and kids appreciate mom and dad putting in the extra effort to communicate with them on their level.

AT SCHOOL  Visual Schedules are very popular in classrooms and day cares. SchKIDules offers both individual sized and larger group sized magnets and displays. If you home school, this is a great organization tool to show the schedule/topics for the day and easily be able to switch it around for tomorrow. Our School Activity Magnet Collection includes all of your traditional school subjects and events.  If you need to go step further, we also offer a Specials Activities Collection that includes speech, OT, sensory table and other activities used more predominantly in the special needs or IEP world.

SPECIAL NEEDS Visual Schedules are especially helpful if your child has a diagnosis like Autism, Aspergers, or even ADHD. Visuals can help with positive reinforcement, cognitive clarity, receptive and expressive communication and redirection. Psychologically, visual schedules can even lower anxiety and improve confidence. Children feel more secure in the world when they can accurately anticipate what will happen to them next. Without this, they can feel anxious and be prone to acting out when something unpredictable occurs and increases their sense of chaos. Feeling a sense of control over ones environment can be very calming and empowering. Visuals accomplish this through clear communication and predictability.

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