Visual Schedules

visual schedule
visual schedule
it gives them some sense of control.  A predictable routine allows children to feel safe, and to develop a sense of mastery  handling their lives. Kids who understand the routine, rather than feeling pushed around by what seems like arbitrary circumstance are more likely to cooperate.  I don't' generally endorse products, but SchKIDules looks like a terrific way to give toddlers the security of knowing what happens next in their day." 
                                                                     --Dr Markham
Self Management
 Bedtime routines, getting ready for school, chores and responsibility, organization
Personality Challenges
 "Type A" toddlers,  need to know "what's next", need for independence, forgetfulness
Power Struggles
Tantrums, cooperation, anxiety, transitions, expectations, control, stress levels
  ADHD (inattentive and hyperactive), Autism, Aspergers
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SchKIDules Visual Schedules
visual schedule
visual schedule
visual schedule
Kids can feel small in the world.  Most things
happen to them.  They
crave predictability,
knowing what is going 
to happen, because
Visual Schedules for improved behavior, communication, task execution and cooperation!  The multiple designs grow with your child from bedtime routines to chores.
visual schedule testimonial
The SchKIDule is great for Noah!  He
 likes to set it up at night by himself for the next day!! I don't even have to remind him to brush his teeth anymore!!
 visual schedule testimonial
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"I cannot tell you
 HOW MANY times we 
have used our SchKIDule to keep our son focused on what he needs to do. Our whole family is happier and less stressed."
visual schedule
Absolutely perfect!
My family loves it!