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What is a SchKIDule?

A SchKIDule [Skid-jual] is a magnetic visual schedule that uses pictures to communicate a sequence of events in support of a positive behavioral outcome.

Visual schedules are an effective and helpful supplement to auditory communication. Unlike verbal guidance alone, a visual schedule allows your child to take as much time with the information as needed, thereby improving comprehension.

This heightened understanding leads to improved cooperation, increased independence, easier transitions, lower anxiety and fewer meltdowns.

has kits for classrooms and homeschool too!

has kits for classrooms and homeschool too!

Common Parenting Challenges

If your child craves control, you have probably had your fair share of power struggles. The battle of wills can be an exhausting one and SchKIDules can help. Using a visual schedule can not only give your child a better sense of control, but also provides a “middle man” that allows your child to let go of the us vs them mentality.

Does you child ask what’s next, what are we doing today, when is daddy coming home, etc? This level of curiosity and “need to know” is great, but it can also be frustrating when your response does not seem to satisfy your child or only brings on more questions. SchKIDules helps layout “the plan” in a way they can understand.

We all forget things. Adults rely on to-do lists and calendars to keep ourselves on top of things. Kids forget stuff too, but they don’t have these adult strategies at their disposal. A visual schedule is a great kid-friendly way to manage what they are supposed to remember to do from getting ready to chores.

We all know that kids needs structure and routines are healthy…but they can be so hard to enforce. Parents are exhausted and we can’t always be there to make sure our child has run through every step of his routine. SchKIDules is a great tangible way to set up and continually reinforce these healthy habits.

All kids are visual but some are more than others. Those kids can fall behind or get frustrated when visuals are removed from communication too early. If you’ve got a visual learner on your hands, a visual schedule is a great way to bridge that gap and help build confidence.

As Temple Grandin once said, “People on the Autism Spectrum tend to be visual thinkers”. For that reason, they also tend to learn best using visual supports rather than through auditory input alone. Adding a visual layer to communication engages the mind of someone with Autism in unique and powerful ways.

Self care and hygiene habits can be tough to master with kids. They often are unaware of these tasks and easily forget to do them. Visual schedules help them see that it is a part of everyday living and reminds them when and how often they are required.

Transitions can be tough for some kids. Some will roll with it while others have a complete meltdown. If you’ve got the meltdowns, you just might have a child who has a tough time transitioning. Transition troubles stem from what your child perceives to be a an abrupt and unwanted change in activities. SchKIDules can help them prepare and cope with this challenge.

Reliable routines make a tremendous difference in setting expectations, building good habits, and improving ADD-related behavior. ADD challenges executive functioning, working memory and mental organization. Visual schedules make the abstract tangible and create a visual construct that helps kids with ADD better organize and process their thoughts.

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Why Choose SchKIDules?

SchKIDules GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD. Because most products out there only support one goal in a fixed stage of your child’s life, we set out to provide a visual schedule that adapted as your child’s needs changed. We accomplished this through an all magnetic system and a folding three-panel board that offers multiple setups.

SchKIDules is INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED. Unlike most visual schedule icons, our artwork is detailed and colorful enough to make an attractive product kids can relate to. At the same time, the icons remain simple enough to effectively communicate the action in a way kids can also easily understand.

SchKIDules is INCLUSIVE of DIFFERENT NEEDS. Kids use Visual Schedules for different reasons. SchKIDules icons cater to many of these different purposes ranging from simply wanting to create a structure for the average child, to children who need extra help with focus, communication, transitions, anxiety, responsibility, self-management, ADHD, Autism and much more.

Family of the Month

“We started using these magnets when my autistic son was having difficulty with his speech. After his speech improved, we used the magnets to make a visual schedule. It has helped him so much by showing him what’s going to happen next, decreasing his behaviors and helping him express his wants and needs.   The digital photo magnets are a huge hit. He loves knowing which therapist, family member, friend or activity he gets to see/do throughout the week. His favorite magnet is a picture of his grandma, who he visits every weekend and Facetimes every day.”

~The Hendricks Family~

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