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What is a Visual Schedule?

Simply put, visual schedules use pictures to communicate a sequence of events to a child.  They can be used to display everything from a bedtime routine, to a to-do list, to a weekly schedule of extracurricular activities and chores.   They are frequently seen in classrooms as a proven path to behavioral success and can be employed at home with the same results.


What are the Benefits?

Visual schedules can help kids in SO many ways! Easier transitions, boosted independence, lower anxiety, clearer communication, improved executive functioning and help with focus and memory to name a few.  Just take a trip to our testimonials page to see how our versatile visual schedules have helped families with differing needs.

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Who Uses Visual Schedules?

For children, organization and time management can be difficult. They may struggle with executive functioning or working memory and therefore have trouble with things like to do lists or morning routines. This can be a source of frustration for parents, teachers, and children themselves. SchKIDules visual schedules can help to make things a little easier for everyone.

Children Can Be More Independent

SchKIDules visual schedules are helpful for children from age three through and sometimes beyond elementary school. Each activity magnet contains in illustration of an activity along with the related word, so even kids who cannot read yet, or are just learning to read can follow the easy to understand visual prompts.

This improves kids’ confidence and sense of independence, allowing them to complete certain tasks like getting ready for school on their own or remembering chores each day. Morning routines are so much easier.

Families Can Connect More Easily

SchKIDules can also create a wonderful opportunity to connect with your child. You can sit down with your child and plan your day together or discuss the order of tasks; thus allowing your child to offer input and feel more in control.  A child that feels more able to predict what’s next has less anxiety and feels more empowered.

Visual schedules are not necessarily new. Whether it was parents scouring the internet for pictures or teachers investing in costly software to locate images, visual schedules have been made by hand for decades.  This tried and true behavioral tool is often worth the effort because visual schedules our so effective.  The good news is SchKIDules has taken the hassle and tedium out of this process by supplying a ready-made, high-quality, colorful visual schedule for both classrooms and households.

All the preprinted pictures and headings cover just about everything you need to create a schedule your child can easily follow. They will build independence and experience a greater sense of control, while you get to enjoy the wonderment of not having to repeat yourself.

Anyone who has trouble with organization or forgetfulness can benefit from SchKIDules visual schedules.

How to Use Visual Schedules

In the classroom, visual schedules are very effective at the elementary level. Readers and pre-readers alike can benefit from their colorful pictures and straightforward lay out. When using task lists, kids can move the activity to another column once they’ve completed it. This allows them to see their progress right away.

The SchKIDules icons are colorful and easy to translate into good behavior. Children can look at the pictures and learn to associate the accompanying word provided with that picture.

Children can also learn to predict the schedule and be better able to effectively participate because the information is arranged in a clear and understandable way. They see, they understand, and this lets them take accurately anticipate and prepare for what’s next.

Independence and self-confidence are soon following.

Learn More About SchKIDules

Created by a stay-at-home mom looking to solve parenting challenges, SchKIDules offers a variety of boards and magnetized pictures that can each be purchased separately. There are several packs to choose from, including a school collection and a home collection. Teachers can arrange the magnets to show a class schedule or task list. The magnets can remain static, or the child can move the magnets over to a “done” column as they finish.

At home, their SchKIDules can help move them through their morning or bedtime routine or keep them on task with homework or chores. It gives them a clear visual of what they have accomplished and what is still to come.

Many children rely on visual schedules to help them understand what’s next and be successful with navigating their day, but some kids also rely on them to help them transition easier from one activity to another.  The visual layout particularly helps kids with Autism process what’s next.  That’s why SchKIDules is the perfect choice as an autistic visual schedule – or to use with a child with ADHD.

Routines don’t have to be a hassle. Schedules can be fun, especially when they are completely visual. End the morning meltdowns or the disruptions that come from disorganization. It’s time to turn things around at school and at home.

It’s time to let your child know you believe in him or her and want what’s best for them. Learn more about SchKIDules products today!

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