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Activity Clock

Activity Clock

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SchKIDules Activity Clock 

Description: SchKIDules Activity Clock is a helpful tool for guiding young children through a daily schedule or routine. Parents tend to notice fewer tantrums, increased cooperation and easier transitions, when kids can actually SEE what’s next.  The child is better able to anticipate changes or an activity ending, and are better prepared to expect what is coming next.  Children also love to remove the activity magnet when a task is complete and move the arrow to the next station. The magnets stick anywhere on the board so you can use it to fill it up with up to 13 activities,  or keep it simple and only share three or four at a time.

Details: The Activity Clock is from our “LW” series (light weight, 7 oz board), is 14″x12″ in size and is magnetically receptive on the front side only.  It comfortably holds 13 activities in a clock-like presentation and comes with a rotating arrow. WARNING: Small parts. Not for children under 3yrs.

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Ages 3 through Kindergarten:  For typically developing children, the Activity Clock is great for the younger kids.  Ages 3-6 is a good time to use this visual schedule because kids this age don’t necessarily understand linear schedules yet.  With an activity clock, the arrow helps them to follow along and know what activity they are on now and what activity is next.  It also introduces them to reading things in a clockwise fashion.  Kids love to move the arrow but we STRONGLY suggests you hang your Activity Clock somewhere out of reach and then lift your child to transition from one activity to the next together.

Day Cares and Preschools: An Activity Clock is an ideal way for a teacher to show a class where they are on the daily schedule and what is coming up next.  Children can get rewarded by being picked to go up to the board and remove an activity they just finished and move the arrow to the next item.  When kids forget or get curious about the schedule, they can just look over and remind themselves instead of interrupting class with questions.

Often purchased with the Home Collection, School Collection, or Entire Gallery.

ADHD: Kids with ADHD (inattentive or hyperactive) are easily distracted.  Parents know how much redirection and how many “reminders” are required with kids who lack the ability to stay focused on certain tasks or string of tasks.  Using the arrow of the SchKIDules Activity Clock to help visually remind a child what the present activity can do alot to refocus and remind a child whose mind has wandered elsewhere.

AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER: Children on the Autism Spectrum benefit specifically from a predictable and structured lifestyle. Visual schedules are positive behavioral supports that can aid in smoother transitions between activities, reduced anxiety, clearer communication and greater self management. The Activity Clock’s presentation is circular; which is quite different from the usual linear visual schedules.  The rotating arrow helps kids to understand where they are “now” by pointing it at the current activity.  Depending on diagnosis and age, some children enjoy being able to use the Activity Clock interactively by moving the arrow to the next station and removing the completed activity.  We advise the caregiver to determine if the child can do this on their own or if they need supervision.  It is recommended that if supervision is required, the Activity Clock be hung somewhere out of reach when not in use.  Additionally, the all-magnetically receptive surface means you can display 12 magnets one day and 5 the next and your child wont get stuck focusing on “missing” activities because of exposed Velcro dots or empty pockets.

SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER: One of the great things about an all magnetic system is no velcro.  Some kids get distracted by the empty velcro loop when the activity board is not full.  Others do not like the sound or feel of the velcro.   All magnets means clean slate every time you set it up and no distractions or icky sounds or feelings to deal with

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