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Visual Schedules At Home

From toddlerhood through elementary ages, SchKIDules can make life at home run much smoother for many different reasons.  They help parents establish and follow through on healthy daily routines.   Kids not only learn them easier but also complete them more independently with the help of a visual aid.  Perhaps you have a “type A” child who frequently engages in power struggles or always wants to know what’s next? Visual schedules have a way of empowering children by putting them “in the know” and making them feel like they have some control in the situation.  Maybe it’s time to add some responsibility to your child’s day but you want to do it in baby steps.  It’s easy to mix in a chore magnet or two to the daily schedule vs graduating to an all out “chore chart”.   If your child is starting to look at his or her life one week at a time and you are hearing “what day is ….” or “when do I have…”, make use of the days of the week and highlight your child’s extracurricular activities. Our Home Collection will take care of all of these needs plus you can shop our singles category to either create your own kit or add a couple extras. 

Visual Schedules at School

Visual Schedules are very popular in classrooms and day cares. SchKIDules offers both individual sized magnets and displays for a single child as well as larger sizes for group use. If you home school, this is a great organizational tool to visually communicate the schedule/topics for the day. Our school-themed magnets include all the usual school subjects and events you’d expect to experience in a typical school week. If you need to go step further, we also offer a Specials Collection that when paired with the school collection, creates a great special education set.  Our brand new V-Kit is a Velcro ® Binder that lets a child subtly carry his schedule around with him.

Visual Schedules for Autism, ADHD and Anxiety

Determining whether a visual schedule is the proper strategy for improved behavior, communication and emotional health depends greatly on your child’s diagnosis and severity.  For kids with ADHD, visual schedules have been proven to help a child remain focused on a set of tasks, internalize and accept responsibility for the set of tasks, and enjoy a higher rate of achievement on a set of tasks.  A posted visual communication also gives kids a place to return to when they forget or get distracted without having to feel the embarrassment of admitting they forgot.  For kids on the Autism Spectrum, visual schedules are a must have for many families.  The can improve both receptive and expressive communication, and help greatly with transitions. Lastly, if you have an anxious child a visual schedule can really come in handy to calm things down a bit.  Children feel more secure in the world when they can accurately anticipate what will happen next. This builds trust and confidence when things go as planned.  Without this, they can feel anxious and be prone to acting out when something unpredictable occurs. On many levels, SchKIDules have been known to alter behavior so successfully that parents feel they have a whole new child on their hands. 

What’s different about SchKIDules?

SchKIDules was one of the first visual schedules on the market for parents.  Teachers have had pocket charts for classrooms and therapists often have the tools and software to make them.  But parents were left out in the cold when it came to practicing this strategy at home.  While there are some “calendar” style products on the market, SchKIDules is much more than that. SchKIDules are positive behavioral supports used globally by parents and professionals looking for behavioral improvements ranging from simple to complex.  Our flagship design is our magnetic receptive board and magnets because we found many households appreciate not having to use white boards or velcro.  Our boards and magnets are colorful (like none other on the market) which helps children feel like it is a product FOR THEM.  We have added our V-Kit velcro version because magnetic boards are pretty hard to take on the go or use at school.  The similarity you will see on both products it the “clean slate” appearance.  The blue side of our board and the black side of our V-KIt are clean slates ready for any kind of layout you need.  Flexibility is key because while one child may like a vertical linear schedule with only 3 things at a time on it, another may appreciate a full sharing of what their whole day holds in store.

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