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Visual Schedule Benefits

The Benefits of Visual Schedules

Visual Schedules are not just for one type of child, nor do they assist only one type of problem.  They offer a large variety of behavioral, communicative and psychological benefits that vary greatly from person to person.  Click here to read the Top 10 Benefits of a Visual Schedule.

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Visual Schedules at Home

Visual strategies are commonly used in everyday classrooms to support things like communication, good behavior, planning ahead and cooperation. Did you realize you can also use visual strategies at home for these same results? 

Visual Schedules at School

Visual Schedules at School

Group visual schedules for the classroom are very common.  They keep everyone on the same page and help kids plan for what’s next.  But sometimes kids need individual visual supports made just for them to reference or take on the go.  

Visual Schedules and ADHD

Visual Schedules and ADHD

All children benefit from structure, but kids with ADD need it even more. Reliable routines make a tremendous difference in building good habits, communicating expectations and improving ADD-related behavior.

Visual Schedules and Autism

Visual Schedules and Autism

Kids on the Autism Spectrum seem to learn better using visual supports rather than through auditory input alone. Adding a visual layer to communication engages the mind of an individual with Autism in unique and powerful ways.

Visual Schedules and Other Needs

Visual Schedules and Other Needs

Visual Schedules can help many families with a variety of needs.  From a child with a speech delay, to SPD to Anxiety and more SchKIDules has helped many families through some simple but exhausting every day struggles.

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