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One- Sided LW Combo Board (7oz)

One-Sided LW Combo Board (7oz)

Description: SchKIDules LW Combo Board is noticeably thinner than it’s HD counterpart.  For the more budget-minded though, still a perfect path to a visual schedule with lots of options. The magnetically receptive surface and 19 headings magnets makes it possible to set up a different looking presentation at any time from just getting a child prepared for nap time, to getting them through the entire week. Depending on a child’s age and needs, a visual schedule can help with everything from communicating with a strong-willed toddler, to reassuring an anxious preschooler, to fostering independence in your first grader’s bedtime routine, to introducing your third grader to chores. SchKIDules is a proven path to easier transitions, better cooperation, better organization and less stress on everyone.

Details: The LW Combo Board includes a One-Sided LW (light weight) SchKIDules 7oz Board and our 19 magnet Headings Sheet. The 7 oz board is magnetic on the front side ONLY and a white dry erase surface on the back. Compatible with Wipe Off® brand dry erase markers.  WARNING: Small parts. Not for children under 3yrs.

Product Guidance

Pair the Combo Board with one of our Activity Magnet Collections for endless possibilities.

school visual schedule

Weekly Management

Create To Do Lists

Create To Do Lists

Simple "First/Then"

Simple “First/Then”

Teach Routines

Teach Routines

Preschool Age: Use this board to display activity magnets in a child’s room, common area or preschool.  SchKIDules boards provide a mobile magnetic surface to communicate a visual story to a child. It can be paired with our Home Collection for daily routines, activities and chores, with our School Collection to show a preschool class what they are doing that day, or a combination of both with our Entire Gallery that also includes magnets geared towards special needs activities.

Elementary Age (younger):  Use this board to display activity magnets in a child’s room, common area or classroom.  Pair with the magnet collection of your choice and the Headings Sheet provided to create a board that teaches routines, provides visual structure, helps a child follow a To Do List, or simply improves communication. Our All Done Magnet Pack is an accessory pack that lets your child put a visual check mark next to each item as it’s accomplished.  This also helps mom or dad silently get an update on how a child is independently progressing through his/her tasks.

Elementary Age (older): Use this board to display activity magnets in a child’s room, common area or classroom.  Pair with the magnet collection of your choice and the Headings Sheet provided to create a board that introduces chores, manages weekly schedules, and increase personal responsibility.  As your child gets older and graduates from a daily view to a multi-day view, the Days of the Week magnets will come in very handy as you build easy chore charts or to help a child see what days of the week he/she has dentist/music lesson/homework/movie night etc.

ADHD: Kids with ADHD (inattentive or hyperactive) are easily distracted.  Parents know how much redirection and how many “reminders” are required with kids who lack the ability to stay focused on certain tasks or string of tasks.  Using SchKIDules activity magnets to display the repetitive routines in your child’s day can help reduce the frustration parents feel from constantly repeating themselves and reduce the kids sense of constantly being “told what to do” or the embarrassment of forgetting.  Kids learn to redirect themselves to the images displayed and get back on track ON THEIR OWN!

AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER: Kids on the Autism Spectrum do much better when caregivers implement visuals.  They improve communication, transitions and comprehension.  Many families receive the recommendation to create a visual schedule at home but find the task difficult and a bit overwhelming. SchKIDules Entire Gallery sets out to make this task a bit easier by providing you with a full set of high quality, kid-friendly activity magnets you can begin using immediately on any magnetically receptive surface.  Not only does this take no time at all, but the all-magnetic presentation means you can test out what design works best with your child without being stuck with a predesignated template.

SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER: One of the great things about an all magnetic system is no Velcro.  Some kids get distracted by the empty Velcro dots or strips when the activity board is not full.  Others do not like the sound or feel of the Velcro.  All magnets means a clean slate every time you set it up and no distractions or icky sounds or feelings to deal with.

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