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“Love this AWESOME PRODUCT. My son knows what to expect and our day becomes smoother with less fits. Our 7 yr old wanted one too and gives them both responsibility they can handle.”

-Sabrina Stone-

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I’m a teacher, so I see the value in this pack. It can be used for school, especially special education, but I’ve been using it to build my toddler’s vocabulary. I believe it’s already helped him tremendously and I plan to use it with my second. The visual aids are PERFECT for a little word learner and it makes it easier to communicate. Highly recommend!


Patricia C


I originally purchased this product over four years ago when trying to find an easier way to structure things for my son. I had seen a number of products that needed copying or laminating, but SchKIDules came in as a very vibrant and high quality magnet that was really easy to use at home. As a psychologist who works with children and in schools, I have used the school kits in my practice with a variety of children with learning challenges, including ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Teachers find this product portable and user friendly. I have been using this for a number of years and the magnets stand the test of time! In fact, I was also able to get customized items from this company as well. Very impressed with the customer service!




This honestly saved me! My son is under the spectrum. He has positively responded to the visual schedule and now transitions wonderfully!! Excellent quality!



Great visuals. Magnet backing is STRONG. This will definitely help my son see what’s going on for the day and REDUCE ANXIETY. Recommend!

Mountain Mama


These are perfect for encouraging independence for kids. They are well made and should last a long time!


He absolutely loves it

I bought this for my 3 year old that has SPD and is very visual. He absolutely loves it. Our days go so much better and it has so many options. I’m generally not a schedule/routine person so it’s definitely taking some work to get used to doing it and remembering. But when I do, our days go so much better. I love that it has so many options including various therapies. I see us using this for quite some time. I seriously recommend this to teachers, parents, therapists, etc. Whether you have a special needs kiddo or not. I had been thinking of trying to make my own, but I’m so glad I ordered this instead. Seriously. I can’t say enough good things.


parents, gparents, nanny, sitter(s)

I’m a Professional Organizer, and I just bought this for my own home to aid my 4 year old son with the family calendar/routine. What I love most is the sheer diversity of the magnets–speech therapy, OT, gymnastics, swim, dance, vacation, movie night—soooo many inclusions! Really makes creating a visual calendar fun and effective. These magnets are especially helpful for any caregiver to maintain the same routine–parents, gparents, nanny, backup sitter(s). Life can get crazy with people in and out. All they have to do is look at the board. I can also text a picture to everyone in a jiff. These magnets are also helping my ADHD husband stay on target.


my son is responding well

I bought these for my son with ASD and have been using them for a few weeks now. The graphics are nice and bright, and my son is responding well to them. Lots of variety with the pictures to cover meal times, getting dressed/ready, play, and school/therapy activities. I’m glad I went ahead and purchased these

Amazon Customer


These magnets are EXACTLY what I was looking for to help my 6 year old son, who has mild autism! They are bright and colorful and easy to see. There are plenty of activities, chores, events, labels, and the size is perfect. I made a chart and a weekly calendar for him, and when I showed it to him he hugged it and kept saying he LOVES it.

Nicholas J. Naylor

cover a huge amount of activities.

These magnetic schedules are great. There are a ton of different ones and cover a huge amount of activities. The colors are bright and the pictures are clear and easy to see. We used a small cookie sheet to stick them to and that seems to work really well. Our daughter loves having a schedule and follows it pretty well.


keeps his tantrums down

My 5 year old son is autistic and didn’t think he would like this. It turned out he likes the magnets. The schedule keeps his tantrums down and keep track of routines. I didn’t buy a magnet board, however we have an art desk that has white board and it works perfectly. It provides a lot of pictures for school, activities, therapies, doctors, chores, number 1-5, and days of the week as well as Morning, evening and afternoon magnets. Thank you.

Barbara Keating


I ordered these visual schedule magnets for my 3 year old autistic son. The change in his behavior is INDESCRIBABLE. From the very first time we used them, he transitioned so much easier between activities and has had way fewer meltdowns. I only wish I would’ve found SchKIDules sooner! Thank you so much for such an amazing product! I am looking forward to utilizing these magnets – and other items from SchKIDules – for a very long time!

Jennifer O.


I can definitely see the POSITIVE IMPACT this has made in helping my 5 year old son with special needs understand what is expected of him.

Hope Abernathy


Great for keeping kids on task. We LOVE these.

Amanda P.

my child absolutely loves them

They came quickly, in beautiful condition and my child absolutely loves them. I would recommend this product.

Bobby Schooley


This is an ABSOLUTLE LIFESAVER for my autistic son. Wish I had purchased this sooner for him, but I just did not know at the time. This is a much cheaper option than custom made things on Etsy and it contains everything you need. Love that there are so many types relating to home, school, therapy, etc. PERFECT!



These magnets are GREAT! We used them to create a visual daily routine/schedule on the fridge for our 3 year old. She loves the pictures and being able to see what we are doing next. There is a huge variety! They thought of everything.

Mom and Teacher


My son is Autistic and has ADHD. He thrives with a visual schedule, but everything we’ve tried before this has been a bust. This has been the BEST SOLUTION by far. It’s working really well for us and I think it will serve us for a long time. It has been a LIFESAVER!

Kristian Sekse


These have been LIFE CHANGING!!  Tantrum frequency has dropped and everyone is happier.  My coworker recommended these and they are amazing. We had been writing a daily schedule on our kitchen whiteboard for our 4 and 2 year olds. But the magnet / picture combo is much better. It’s made the transitions between activities much easier and a lot less fights about the order of things. Highly recommend it.



This has been an invaluable tool for structuring our morning with my 3 year old. He’s recently started to help pick out the order we do things in, which has been great for me. It gives him some sense of CONTROL  when it comes to doing the ‘boring’ things (going potty, getting dressed) and has helped mitigate the morning power struggle to get out the door on time. I think it’s also teaching him about making good choices with his time, and the impact dawdling has on his playtime.


Mary Angel Freya

Every mom should have this

Every mom should have this in their home especially for their extremely young children in preschool it is such a visual help for them to learn.


He loves when we use the schedule

Great visual schedule for my toddler who struggles with transitions! He loves when we use the schedule and talk about what we are going to do next.

Daniel E.

great quality

This has been great for my son! We’re falling into a routine wonderfully. The magnets and the board are great quality, I’m very pleased


This is AWESOME!

I have a special needs child. It was recommended that we use a visual schedule to help her get through her days and decrease her anxiety. My husband bought one SchKIDules set which is great for the weekend schedule). I was trying to do the weekday schedule with little pieces of paper with clipart. I was taping and retaping them to paper and it was just not working. I then went onto Amazon and found the 153 magnet set. This is AWESOME. I bought a big magnetic whiteboard which has the before school and evening routine on it – these stay pretty stable. I then bought a small magnetic whiteboard to use for the few hours between after school and dinner. I needed a couple of extra magnets for “medicine”. I found the SchKIDules website and called. I reached the owner herself. She was most helpful and pleasant. I was able to order some individual magnets from the website. They arrived very quickly. I am thrilled with the product as well as the company.


Love, love, love SchKIDules!!

Love, love, love SchKIDules!! The color magnets are very easy to use and visually appealing. The board is easy to carry and helps my son with autism know our schedule. All my kids like seeing what is on the schedule.

Emily E.


A lot of variety, about half for home/outdoors activities and half for school related activities. I just stuck them on the fridge and switched out what I needed to. Kids love following a schedule. My son has Autism and it helps him get through the day more smoothly because he can look at what’s happening next.



Awesome magnets, some were geared towards the school day, which I sent to his teachers. I used the home based cards and they were great.  They are large enough to see and bright and simple. Both my boys with autism can understand. I’m hoping this helps us set routines at home and less arguing with my preteen high functioning child.  My younger nonverbal one needs the pictures to help guide him without me always prompting. Great product for the cost.

Saul Flores

You want this for your kids

You want this for your kids, this is a fun way to help them stay engaged and create a routine to help them grow!  A must have!



It has EVERYTHING including some for school but mostly I love that it covers every home activity and rewards



Our 5 year old has autism and this has been a wonderful tool for us. His doctor recommended a visual schedule so I looked around and felt this was the best. It truly has everything you need and makes a big difference. Very easy to set up and was exactly what we wanted and needed!


Love this visual schedule.

The BEST visual schedule. Worth the price! Love this visual schedule. Great for kids with autism and even without. My daughter caught on so fast. Great selection of cards. Highly recommend!!

Mary L


A variety of useful, practical magnets for daily, weekly schedule. Very helpful for EXECUTIVE FUNTIONING.

Rhoda M.


Thank you so much for this AWESOME PRODUCT! My year old boy and my 5 year old girl actually enjoy checking their chart and completing their list of daily to-dos. And I love how I can say, “Check your chart.” Great problem solver! Keeps me from nagging and keeps the kids focused. I highly recommend this product!

Cara R.

My kids love the interactive magnets

Excellent product, perfect condition. My kids love the interactive magnets they can help build the schedule. I couldn’t be happier! I told my kids’ teachers about them too!

Kim Skumatz


There are a ton of choices to swap out and use. I love this. BEST PURCHASE for my special needs son.

Casey H.

all my kids have benefited

I purchased this to help my special needs son, but all my kids have benefited from having a visual schedule. Especially during this time of pandemic and isolation, my children love knowing what to expect.



I purchased these for my child. My sister also uses them in her classroom for pre-school. They are great. High quality pictures and excellent magnets. My son loves “playing” with them, and there are so many ways to use them. I would highly recommend these to any parent.



Amazing product for any child or parent who wants to help keep their kids on schedule. These magnets are QUALITY and will last forever. So pleased with this purchase.

Jaqueda D


I’m an at home mom and let me tell you ! These are AMAZING especially now with having to do homeschooling. This gives my kids no excuse on what to expect for day


best visual schedule we’ve found

This is the best visual schedule we’ve found. We love that it’s magnetic and covers more than all the basics!

Tiffany S

Exactly what I was looking for

The magnets are so easy to work with.  Exactly what I was looking for. Makes a perfect visual schedule.



Super easy to use, perfect for a whiteboard or the fridge! Love the size and color! Thank you, a FANTASTIC PRODUCT and perfect for ease of daily use schedules!!!

Rosanna C

My little one loves his visual schedule

This is so great! It has a million categories and you can put them together however you want. My little one loves his visual schedule and loves to check things off as he completes his tasks.

Nila B

cochlear implants

Wonderful, a must buy for your child. My daughter has cochlear implants and is on a routine schedule. It was easy for me to set up and her to see her daily routine.

Happy Reader


This is so great! EXACTLY what I wanted for my toddler at home to help us get into a routine. Thank you!

Catherine Grainger

They’re a great help

I’m so glad that I bought these. They’re a great help for my grandson. The magnets are sturdy and colorful, and the variety of options is pretty good. There is a magnet for nearly every task and daily activity