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I really like this and would buy it again. The quality is high, my 3-year old son can manipulate the magnets, and there is a great variety of activities included. This is a GREAT PRODUCT and I’m happy with the prices, quality, etc.

Rachel Wood

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Bobbie M

really great

These are really great for school and working on academics at home also.


Highly recommend 😊

This is a great product and honorable company. Highly recommend 😊

Kate Webber

Exactly what I needed

Incredible! Exactly what I needed for kindergarten! I’ve already passed the recommendation on to friends!


Allison O.

Customer service is fantastic

I am creating visual boards in the house and at daycare for my daughter part-time. The magnets are just thick enough and don’t feel cheap. They work well and the images are what I need. The great thing is that you can order additional singles if necessary, which I have. Customer service is fantastic with this company. I have ordered many more magnets – worth the investment.

Blair H

Best thing ever!

Best thing ever! These magnets are perfect for children who need a visual schedule. They are well-loved by my students and I was even able to send one home for a family to use to help with morning transition to school. I can’t say enough good things about these magnets!

Amazon Customer


It is a wonderful product for REDIRECTION. It is great for children with special needs. You don’t have to use it forever because the children will learn the classroom schedules in time and move on. The wonderful thing is that you can re-use it with the new children that come into the classroom. I look forward to using them in the future with our brand new children. Awesome!!!!