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I LOVE THESE. I can help my girls determine how they feel and talk about their feelings. I got an old cookie sheet and turned it into their board.

Ashley Jacobs

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Andy Lopez-Villalobos

I am so happy I found these

A BEST BUY! I have these on the refrigerator and me and my son use them every day. It has increased his awareness of himself and he is understanding feelings. I am so happy I found these as they are useful and insightful for me and my son.



My husband bought this for my special needs daughter. She is able to talk but finds this helpful and likes using it. Recommend.

Keri Funk

fun ways of helping kids learn

As a counselor and play therapist, I am always looking for fun ways of helping kids learn about and express feelings and needs. These are colorful and fit the bill!


very useful

These “feelings” magnets were very useful for the communication board I made for my nonverbal son.


Very helpful

Very helpful for preschoolers or kiddos on the spectrum.

Rikiya N.


We are using these for daily language activities at home. So far they are working out GREAT!

Simone S.

great way to teach children about feelings

It is a great way to teach children about feelings, how they feel and what they think others might be feeling. Can also be used to show children how you are feeling and what you think they are feeling.


huge step in communication

My two-year-old daughter started having trouble communicating how she was feeling. Her immediate reaction was to cry about… EVERYTHING! I sat down and used the “I’m Feeling” and the emotional magnets and over the next few days she began to point to the picture of how she was feeling. This was a HUGE step for how she would develop in communicating how she felt.

Sarah Ashworth

I highly recommend this product!

Ordered these for my brother who has ASD to help when he doesn’t want to verbalize his feelings. The magnets are colorful and easy to read so they’re great for kids who need visual guides. We made a board with these magnets and every morning he puts his current mood up on the board, and it’s amazing how I think he’s in a good mood but he puts up that he’s frustrated or overwhelmed and this has helped a lot with helping him to start off the day the right way! I highly recommend this product!