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It was very helpful for my son to ease transitions and create a social story.

Natasha Monsaas-Daly

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Amy Lonczak

This really is a genius parenting tool!

Being the mother of 3 boys, I have found setting rules and routines to be a power struggle. Having a visual schedule eases this struggle by allowing my boys to be proactive in their own everyday responsibilities. This really is a genius parenting tool!

Deborah Renee

I highly recommend this product

Great resource for our special needs family. The customer service is excellent. Helped us with an issue that wasn’t even their fault!! I highly recommend this product

Candace Hulse recommends SchKIDules.

kids love to help plan the day

Love these boards. We have two of them. So long as we use them we are in good shape. They are durable and the kids love to help plan the day. I have even recommended them to others who include family and teachers. Now that school is ending I am going to be using the board much more. I just need to get more magnets for summer fun and different activities.

Sam Silcocks  recommends SchKIDules.

more independent

These products are amazing. The visual charts worked almost instantly, not only does it help with communication, it helps my Son know all the tasks in the day and when, what’s now and next. It has also helped him become more independent in carrying out these tasks. Thanks!

Steve Raccagni

So simple to use and so effective!

So simple to use and so effective! Accomplishes one of the key things in getting kids to follow through – allowing them to play a role in setting the schedule and priorities. This enables parents to give kids as much autonomy as is appropriate, encouraging self-direction and the development of executive functioning.

Candice Park

I am already in love

Day one of having this and I am already in love. you touch all bases and made the day so much easier for my son to understand!

Maria Palmer

It has helped us SO much

I got a board to help my kids manage their time and the expectations for our daily routines. It has helped us SO much and it is very versatile. It has really cut down on nagging (from us) and whining (from them).

Ems Jotojot

I would strongly recommend this company.

I would never forget the day I found SchKIDules .They have very excellent customer service. We are pleased and satisfied with the products. It is truly helpful for my 3 years old nonverbal autistic son to follow his daily school schedule. It is helpful for both of us to establish a smooth communication. Thank You SchKIDules. I would strongly recommend this company.

Tom Brady

He LEARNED his routine

Changed my son’s life…. It communicated in a way he understood. He SAW what we had planned and was ready for it. He LEARNED his routine and accepted it…. No more daily fights to “remember to do this…..did you remember to do that.”. Morning meltdowns went away and we now make the bus every day. Which means I don’t have to drive him in, which means I am not late to work.