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“We absolutely love this! It has HELPED SO MUCH with our child’s behavior and she gets excited every time she sees how well she has done throughout the day. It’s a hands on kind for her which motivates her too.”


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My 4.5 year old is extremely bright but unimaginably defiant, stubborn, and particular. It’s a struggle to get him through morning and evening routines on time due to stalling, excuses, defiance, etc. This routine chart has been A LIFESAVER – he’s like a different kid. Now HE is in charge of his routine, and he does everything in his own now without me having to hassle him, and he even started making his own bed. It’s actually kind of a MIRACLE. Best $45 I’ve ever spent on Amazon.

Kellen F


Helps with transitions. I have a three year old son with autism who really struggles with transitions. We have been using this visual schedule to show him what to expect next during his day. So far, we have noticed that he does not throw a TANTRUM when getting in his carseat after we’ve shown the card that indicates we are going out. The magnetic cards are bright, colorful, and durable. It would have cost a great deal more to make a visual schedule on my own, so I am very pleased with the convenience and value of both the magnetic board and the cards.



My son was diagnosed with ASD last year. Our medical/therapies team suggested a visual schedule/calendar. This has been wonderful. I can leave daily things the same such as breakfast, brushing teeth, etc. I swap out other activities. When he is getting a little antsy about switching tasks I ask him to go look at his schedule and it seems to help re-calibrate and bring him some peace. We can also use a dry erase marker to “check off” the tasks we’ve already completed. Wonderful product!



This has helped my daughter stay on track and learn her routines so much. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Rebecca W


This item is AMAZING. It really helped my kids to see the images of what we expected from them for their morning, afternoon and evening routines. I highly recommend this!

River Raven


As the parent of a nonverbal autistic son I can’t begin to THANK YOU enough for making this so affordable! I’m very impressed with this product and I plan on buying more.



This has made such a DIFFERENCE for my child!



Amazing!!!!  My son saw it and lit up…helps so much with his ANXIETY and ASD. Thank you!!!

Melody Spice


EXCELLENT schedule for my son with Autism!! He loves it.

Melody Costello


I am a SPEECH THERAPIST using as a scheduling tool with my autistic patients. Parents are very happy with how relatable pictures are to home ADLs

Amazon Customer


Excellent purchase! Helps with my daughter’s MELTDOWNS. Structure and predictability! Very pleased and I highly recommend to all parents of nonverbal children like mine

Lisa Dzialo


This is the visual schedule we needed! Nice size board with clear images. I like the fact the pictures are not too “baby/cartoon” like since this is being used for a 9 year old.


Anabelle J.

Recomiendo 100 por ciento

Para establecer una rutina a seguir a mi nietecita que es autistica. Ya a empezado a guiarse por medio de las figuras que son bien claras y representan cada evento a seguir con gran exacting. Recomiendo este producto 100 por ciento.



Speech therapist recommended we make or purchase a visual schedule for our son and diagnosed with autism. It has been a HUGE LIFESAVER in helping him understand what we are doing “next” and preventing big meltdowns as we try to transition from one activity to the next. Coupling this with a visual timer works wonders.



I am thrilled with this product! It is better than I’d hoped. It is more versatile than the other similar products on the market. We used it this morning and my daughter (age 10) got off to school w/almost no problems. Wow! It also is double sided, so you can use both. It is SUPERB and I will be ordering more from their company shortly.

Sarah S.


LOVE THIS! I cannot say enough good things about this product and to recommend it! It is strong and sturdy; the boards are thick and magnets are strong and stick very well. It’s a durable product that will obviously hold up to the demands of daily life, especially at a very reasonable cost (even our home ABA behavior therapist has noted how much she loves it and how reasonably priced it is!).


He loves it!


Got this for our 3 year old to help ease transitions between tasks. He loves it! Every morning he goes over and reviews his “agenda” for the day. The magnets are nice quality and the board can hold extra magnets on the back. It includes magnets for pretty much everything we need – from doctor to swimming, party to therapy. Great for kids who need a visual reminder of what is expected of them.

Madeline Jane


The order arrived on time and was neatly packaged. I was pretty surprised with the quality of the board- it’s very sturdy and thick. The magnets are GOOD QUALITY, and the images are large and descriptive. There was also a great selection of magnets- you can make a VERY detailed schedule if needed. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but my daughter saw it and was drawn to it immediately.



This is GREAT for my 6 year old daughter who needs the visual aid to help with our routine.



This has been wonderful and TRANSFORMED our morning daily routine!


Great company!

Great company! Super nice. Awesome products as well. My child loved it


Christina Liner


My son who has SENSORY DISORDER loves this! His therapist wanted me to show him what our schedule would look like. Since then, I do this when we have outings and it has helped with some of the chaotic times in our day. He now helps make the schedule and likes to pick out the magnets we will need for the day.

R. Smith

excited about doing their chores!

I am thrilled to share that my kids (7 and 9) are now excited about doing their chores! They now both know what is expected and I’m not the bad guy. ;) We have been using the chart for weeks and both regularly check in and see what they can do to help out around the house. This has also reinforced our morning and nightly routines. I set up both sides and the kids contributed to the plan, creating shared ownership!  Happy Customers!



SchKIDules has truly come part of the daily routine in our household. It’s been an AMAZING TOOL to help my toddlers maintain their independence while also establishing a rhythm to their day, without any tears! I am a stay-at-home Mom and most days, it was truly a power struggle just getting the kids dressed, eating breakfast or even brushing their teeth. That’s when we started using SchKIDules. Each day, they get excited to actually SEE what we are doing instead of me telling them. I saw a HUGE difference in my childrens’ behavior. Today, my children are 4 and 5 years old and they continue to enjoy seeing the visual schedule for their day and now get excited to keep track of their chores on their SchKIDules chart every day.

Nessa Rae


SchKIDules visual schedules really made a HUGE IMPACT  in our home for not just our Dominik but all of us!! We are an Autism family. My son and I are on the autism spectrum and this board has made it easier to get our day to day functions done a lot easier also it has a chores and star rewards board on the back which is SUPER AWESOME!!! We definitely recommend this product it is SO WORTH IT!!



I LOVE this, my kids have been involved with the early headstart program and our family worker gave us a smaller version of this. We use it to help my son with transitions. I’m so excited to have bought this one, and I love all the different option magnets that came with it. I also praise the types of therapy magnets, we used to have an OT. It’s easy to use, vibrant in color and my kids love helping make up the schedule for the day!

Sarah S.


LOVE THIS! I cannot say enough good things about this product and to recommend it! It is strong and sturdy; the boards are thick and magnets are strong and stick very well. It’s a durable product that will obviously hold up to the demands of daily life, especially at a very reasonable cost (even our home ABA behavior therapist has noted how much she loves it and how reasonably priced it is!).



This product is OUTSTANDING in quality and motivates my kids to stay on task! We tried others like it but this one has been the BEST BY FAR! I also love when companies put their all into their product and when I spoke to the owner she was dynamic! You can tell she loves what she does and stands by her products!




This amazing product has definitely been a LIFE SAVER! I use this for my son who was recently diagnosed with ASD. This helps him understand schedule and rewards. He gets really excited about completing an activity and seeing the board for what’s next. This has really helped me communicate with my son better.  He is 3 years old. Also, they have the best customer service I’ve ever seen.

Allison Landers


I love this product. I bought it for my 3 yr old twins. It has been a tremendous help trying to explain ‘we’ll do that later, not now’. Seeing that magnet on the board helps to satisfy them. It gives them something to look forward to. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.


helps her so much!

My daughter has SPD and this chart helps her so much! She loves knowing what comes next and knowing what to expect helps eliminate melt downs.

Pam M.


Very useful for ADHD children. Sized appropriately for children’s use. Plenty of activity variety.



We absolutely love this! It has HELPED SO MUCH with our child’s behavior and she gets excited every time she sees how well she has done throughout the day. It’s a hands on kind for her which motivates her too.


ABA therapy

Helps with my 3 yr old and with his ABA therapy.

Mandi Fields


Bought for my daughter! Makes life much easier!

Susana Aguilar

muy bien

Trabajo muy bien con mi hijo, m facilitó la comunicación con el.

Rebecca H.


Arrived just in time as we now have to HOMESCHOOL! The PreK and 2nd grader both refer to it to know what comes next in our day. This has saved us some meltdowns and has been a LIFE SAVER!!



Great, QUALITY PRODUCT. Been incredibly useful with my 3 year old understanding what’s coming next in the day!

Cesia Roche


This is an AMAZING PRODUCT to start your little one in with routines and chores as well. I’ll absolutely recommend this to any parent.

Shawn M Espinosa

It’s also great for my wife and I

“Let’s check the schedule” is now one of the most common phrases in my house. Like many little ones, my toddler always wanted to know when it was time for video games or her ipad or to play or to eat a snack or… Now she barely ever asks. She just walks over and checks it out herself. She knows when to expect certain things and she’s able to see when things she wants are not on the day’s agenda.  It’s also great for my wife and I. We sit down to talk about the next day’s schedule every night. No more than 5-10 minutes, but it keeps us both in the loop with what’s going on and makes it easier for us both to plan the other things we need to get done.  If you’re considering it, it’s worth the buy!


Mandy Fields


THANK YOU sooooo much. We LOVE this product! It’s helping us with our 3 yr old and our 5yr old and I can tell that we’ll be able to use it for many more years to come.