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The Beginning

Many years ago, I became a stay at home mom (quite a change from active duty military).  When my daughter was around 2.5 yrs old, parenthood was challenging me daily. Transitions were met with meltdowns, power struggles were frequent, and I felt like I was repeating myself all the time with little forward progress to show for it.  I was exhausted and frustrated.  I wondered what I was doing wrong all the time.  Why did I feel so ineffective?  Then one day, a thought popped into my head: “If what I am saying it isn’t working, maybe I need to show her.”   So I sat down and built the visual schedule you see to the right.  And on that day, EVERYTHING changed.

The Difference

The typical disjointed mornings filled with protest and tantrums were suddenly simple and stress free.  It was as if the pictures took what was previously unclear and made it crystal clear for her.  She excitedly moved through the morning routine proudly, showing me she understood what’s next and how easy it was for her to accomplish.  We both loved our new way of doing things and life started getting better for both of us. The concept was a clear game changer, but the materials had alot to be desired.  The paper and cardboard combo would never stand the test of time and it looked pretty shabby, so I went searching for something more durable and “real” to purchase.  To my surprise (and disappointment), I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  So one step at a time, I decided to solve that problem and I invented SchKIDules.

What We Learned

This decision has taken me on a journey I never could have predicted.  I didn’t know why this tool seemed to transform my child, I just new that it did.  And I was beyond grateful to have discovered it because it really was life changing.  So I got out there and shared my discovery.  Some parents thought it was a nice product but I could tell they couldn’t relate.  Others related so strongly that they said it was as if I was telling their story.  Over time, I learned those people were commonly parents of strong Type A/visual learning kiddos, or kids who had been diagnosed with any combination of behavioral/learning disorders, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Sensory Processing, and others. I learned many of these families were in the same position I was and either didn’t know about visual schedules, or had been told to create one by their therapist, doctor or teacher.  With this knowledge, my mission became so much clearer and my drive to help these families grew so much stronger.  I have designed a line of visual schedules that are all clean slate receptive materials so parents of ALL kids can design WHATEVER layout works best for their child and change it according to their child’s development.


I am proud to say SchKIDules has grown into a successful company.  Everyday, I look forward to reading the testimonials I receive from parents and professionals who were in search of a solution just like I was.  My family hears each and every one of them so they never forget just why mom does what she does (and because we are pretty darn proud of them).  Hearing from customers and knowing we are making a difference continues to be the most exciting and rewarding part of running this business.  I hope you have enjoyed our story and I look forward to hearing yours.

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