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Magnetic Binder Insert

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Product Details

Want an easy way to take your magnets on the go? This magnetic slate can be carried around or inserted into a binder.

It comes with:

  • 1 Plastic 8.5x11 backing board
  • 1 adhesive magnetic receptive sheeting (peel off back, stick to clipboard and you have an instant magnetic surface)
  • 1 binder insert strip (stick this onto the be panel board, underneath the magnetic sheeting so it can be used in a binder)
  • 3 Storage pages

Add a magnet collection from the selection above to pair it with or visit our magnets page to see all choices. NOTEBOOK and MAGNETS are shown in pictures to give customer an idea of how many magnets fit on one board and what the board and pages look like inside the binder. They DO NOT come with the $9.99 purchase. In order to add magnets to this binder insert, you will need to select from the drop down menu or go to the magnets section of this website to add the one you want.

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