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SchKIDules Home Bundle (30% CLEARANCE)

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  • INCLUDES: SchKIDules Home Bundle features (1) 18” tri-folding reversible board, 21 headings, 36 stars, 72 home themed activity magnets for the easy setup of an instant visual schedule. Board and magnets are dry erase friendly!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: This visual schedule grows with your child. Start with small daily routines and graduate to weekly progress charts. Use the reversible folding board and different headings to build the schedule that is perfect for your kid's age. Improve communication and independence.
  • READY TO USE: You’ve got everything you need to hang this visual schedule board and start using it right away. It comes with a hanging nylon rope, 72 pre-cut, laminated, home theme activity picture magnets, 21 headings magnets and 36 stars.
  • BEHAVIORAL GAME CHANGER: If you have a strong-willed child, type a child, distracted or forgetful children, preschool toddlers who prefer visual learning, children with ADHD or kids in the Autism Spectrum.
  • EDUCATIONAL AND VERSATILE: Visual educational and behavioral magnetic schedule for kids. Your child will love this approach to learning, independence and behavioral expectations. The fun but clear picture communicate on their level and at the same time put parents and child on the same page.

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