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SchKIDules V-Kit

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Our new V-Kits are a Velcro version of our magnetic visual schedules with some new neat possibilities. First, our loop boards are EXPANDABLE! Use the extra adhesive hook dots in the kit to attach one board to another. Also, the strip provided to hang your board also works as a 3 ring binder insert strip so your visual schedule can instantly be taken ON THE GO!

Each V-Kit Comes with one 8.5″x11″ backing board, one self adhesive 8.5″ x 12″ sheet of specialty black loop fabric, 10 laminated activity icon sheets containing 150 images, and extra sheet of blanks, 171 adhesive velcro hook dots to stick to the back of your icons, and 3 pocket pages to hold cards and an adhesive binder strip that gives you the option to hang the the board or insert into a 3 ring binder.


3 pocket pages have replaced the pouch.

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