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My 4.5 year old is extremely bright but unimaginably defiant, stubborn, and particular. It’s a struggle to get him through morning and evening routines on time due to stalling, excuses, defiance, etc. This routine chart has been A LIFESAVER – he’s like a different kid. Now HE is in charge of his routine, and he does everything in his own now without me having to hassle him, and he even started making his own bed. It’s actually kind of a MIRACLE. Best $45 I’ve ever spent on Amazon.

Lizette Fernandez


This honestly saved me! My son is under the spectrum. He has positively responded to the visual schedule and now transitions wonderfully!! Excellent quality!

Blair H


Best thing ever! These magnets are perfect for children who need a visual schedule. They are well-loved by my students and I was even able to send one home for a family to use to help with morning transition to school. I can’t say enough good things about these magnets!




Looking for a simple visual reminders or visual checklists for your children? These are the best! Awesome magnets to help children be organized and see visually their “checklists” of what is to be done for that given day. Also helpful for children who are visual learners and thrive on “seeing” what they have to do in a structured visual way. Great for INDEPENDENCE and learning how to prioritize. Nothing else to say other than these are totally worth 5 stars!


Rachel Wood


I really like this and would buy it again. The quality is high, my 3-year old son can manipulate the magnets, and there is a great variety of activities included. This is a GREAT PRODUCT and I’m happy with the prices, quality, etc.

Andy Lopez-Villalobos

Feelings Expansion Pack

A BEST BUY! I have these on the refrigerator and me and my son use them every day. It has increased his awareness of himself and he is understanding feelings. I am so happy I found these as they are useful and insightful for me and my son.



I ordered this item as a behavior reinforcement for my 4 year old. It came with all the cards and pictures I was looking for with a ton of extra. It was definitely one of the only products I was able to find that came with Velcro. It made my life easier, especially with a child who needs constant behavioral reminders. It took me all of about 15 minutes to set up and it was simple. My son seems to enjoy having a visual aid that he can see himself. I would definitely order again.

Amy Lonczak

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Being the mother of 3 boys, I have found setting rules and routines to be a power struggle. Having a visual schedule eases this struggle by allowing my boys to be proactive in their own everyday responsibilities. This really is a genius parenting tool!

Sam silcocks

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These products are amazing. The visual charts worked almost instantly, not only does it help with communication, it helps my son know all the tasks in the day and when, what’s now and next. It has also helped him become more independent in carrying out these tasks. Thanks!