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This product changed our mornings! We’ve been using the chart for morning and afternoon routines for my 5 year old with ADHD and HFA. He has trouble with transitions and following steps. The chart was recommended by our neurologist. These have been a phenomenal support!

Catherine Barry

I use this in my classroom! It is a wonderful product for redirection and great for children with special needs. The wonderful thing is that you can re-use it when new children come in and it saved me so much time. Awesome!

Shona S.

This honestly saved me! My son is on the spectrum. He has positively responded to the visual schedule and now transitions wonderfully!! Excellent quality! Best on the market!

Lizette Fernandez

We’ve had our kit for about a week and it has been a game changer. My daughter loves it. It is so freeing to not have to remind her what she has to do. Added bonus… I’ve told her that she can’t watch her tablet until her list is done and she’s substantially reduced her screen time.

Konra H

I love this so much. It is an absolute life saver!. My autistic son is 6 years old and the minute he saw the schedule he knew what was to come and now we enjoy minimal meltdowns. I couldn’t have asked for a better package. Great price worth every penny.

Denise Rivera

I discovered SchKIDules when I was searching for a product to improve the flow of our morning routine and decrease the sound of my own voice repeating the same instructions. Not the way I wanted to send my children off to pre-school and Kindergarten. SchKIDules allowed my children independence in that they could visually see what they needed to do upstairs before going to the kitchen for breakfast and then what they needed to do before walking out the door. If they became distracted I took them by the hand and showed them the illustration of what comes next. Independence fostered, routines learned, fewer verbal directions, less frustration with happier kids headed to school, and a less stressed momma!
– Brad Rosenkranz

I got this to help keep my kids accountable for their after school routines. The visuals are great and they love getting their afternoon planned out.
– Cassie Hunsicker

My little one loves this and has helped with communication. Really a great visual schedule with many options. I only use a few at a time and change it up depending on the day’s activities. I love that it’s magnetic and easy to use on the fridge or board.
– Sumeet Kaur

Love it! I struggled to get my 4 year old daughter to do her daily routines. Visual Schedule made things a lot easier. It worked like “MAGIC”.
– Ramandeep J.

Our ABA asked us to build a weekly schedule for our son, which was a totally new concept for us. We had only done simple daily schedules. This magnet set allowed us to complete the schedule meeting all of our needs. As a busy family with a very rigid ASD boy this schedule has been a saving grace for us all. And the types of magnets provided will last us into middle school – so the price was so worth it.
– Frank P

I am thrilled with this product! It is better than I’d hoped. It is more versatile than the other similar products on the market. You can use it as a weekly calendar, a to-do list, a sequence of routines for morning noon and night, etc. you can also orient the board horizontally or vertically depending on if your child has a tracking difficulty. There are several duplicates that I find handy – for ex brush teeth. There are tiles for all the typical activities a young or any age child might have as well as all the chores a little or big kid might have. You can write on it w/dry erase markers, adding in times or whatever, or checking off activities. We used it this morning and my daughter (age 10) got off to school w/almost no problems. Wow! It also is double sided, so you can use both. It is superb and I will be ordering more from their company shortly.
– Ash

This amazing product has definitely been a life saver! I use this for my son who was recently diagnosed with ASD. This helps him understand schedule and rewards. He gets really excited about completing an activity and seeing the board for what’s next. This has really helped me communicate with my son better. He is 3 years old. Also, they have the best customer service I’ve ever seen.
– Sara

This is an absolute lifesaver for my autistic son. Wish I had purchased this sooner for him, but I just did not know at the time. This is a much cheaper option than custom made things on Etsy and it contains everything you need. All you need is a magnetic white/dry erase board (portable or not) and you are set! You have a lot of freedom of the size of board you want to use and how many magnets you want to use at a time. Ours is approx 18×24 and I have the whole day on there, morning, afternoon, evening. Love that there are so many types relating to home, school, therapy, etc. PERFECT!
– Bobby Schooley

These are great materials for any classroom. I am enjoying them. Making my professional life much better and giving the children a greater sense of direction. Thank you.
– Brinda

My kids took to this quickly. I don’t have to nag, they know what to expect. Calmed the house down a bit. I totally recommend this great visual schedule.
– Brandi

I love these magnets. Fast shipping and great quality. I wasn’t sure how I would like them so I went with the 93 pc pack but now I wish I got the big pack. These are great quality and I am very pleased. Highly recommend!
– Lauren Humphreys

My ASD/ADHD toddler loves these. Perfect for kids that need to visualize their schedules or what is going on. We put them on the fridge so she can check off what’s happening as we do them. Great buy.
– Carissa O

This has really reduced anxiety in our home! We make a chart for the week and weekend so he knows what to expect. We also use it for chores and a check off list for getting ready for bed. He loves it! It is a hit with our other child too!
– Heather P.

This is just what we needed! It has been amazing for my two children with ADHD! It helps so much with morning routines and is easy to implement and maintain!
– Migdalia F.

This is the visual schedule we needed! Nice size board with clear images/magnets. I like the fact the pictures are not too “baby/cartoon” like since this is being used for a 9 year old.
– Lisa Dzialo

This has been wonderful and transformed our morning daily routine!
– Sarah

My son who has sensory disorder loves this! His therapist wanted me to show him what our schedule would look like. Since then, I do this when we have outings and it has helped with some of the chaotic times in our day. He now helps make the schedule and likes to pick out the magnets we will need for the day.
– Christina Liner

This product is outstanding in quality and motivates my kids to stay on task! We tried others like it but this one has been the best by far! I also love when companies put their all into their product and when I spoke to the owner she was dynamic! You can tell she loves what she does and stands by her products!
– Katerina

These are perfect for encouraging independence for kids. They are well made and should last a long time!
– Mountain Mama

I ordered these visual schedule magnets for my 3 year old autistic son. The change in his behavior is indescribable. From the very first time we used them, he transitioned so much easier between activities and has had way fewer meltdowns. I only wish I would’ve found SchKIDules sooner! Thank you so much for such an amazing product! I am looking forward to utilizing these magnets – and other items from SchKIDules – for a very long time!
– Barbara Keating

Absolutely in love, it’s a perfect visual daily schedule for the youngster. Has every magnet linked to daily living you could imagine. Love it!!! Worth the buy!
– Steven Lex

Easy to use, fun to set up, I really think my kids will love this and it will help our household run more smoothly. Fantastic service, would absolutely purchase their products again!!
– A. McCune