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It’s awesome!  The kids love it because it’s colorful and fun for them to move the  magnets around.  We were using dry erase boards but they’d erase their chore charts to draw on them so that wasn’t working out! Definitely a wonderful product!

– Audry P., CA

“My daughter began using it immediately and was on time for school TWO DAYS IN A ROW. It works well at bedtime, too. It helps her maintain focus as she gets ready. As she is maturing, she really wants to have control, but it is hard for her to remain on task. This definitely helps!”

– Corynne Romine, NJ

LOVE THEM! In fact, I will soon be ordering more – one for myself, one for Carrie’s caregivers – so she can see that we, too, follow schedules. Truly, these are perfect! The bright colors are great and they are so easy for Carrie to manipulate. Thank you so much!!!

-Barbara Murphy


“My daughter is highly intelligent, but has a sensory processing disorder. She has to work on organization and sequencing. SchKIDules has helped her to self-regulate with greater independence. She is very proud to build her schedule and then move her schedule magnet from the “TO DO” column to “DONE”! When she’s finished with a sequence of events/activities, she enjoys us doing the happy dance together! Love the SchKIDules! Great product at a great value!”

-Amber Bovinette, Florida

Our oldest child is autistic and has a very difficult time transitioning and remembering what he has been asked to do. We have tried many methods to help him with little success. So far, the magnets are doing the trick!! He loves that he can remove one when that task is complete. I love that they don’t tear and ruin like paper pictures. He also enjoys showing the pictures to his brother about what he is doing! Thank you for offering an amazing product at a great price!

Andrea Petri, OH

I just wanted to say that I think this is an absolutely wonderful thing you have here. I had picture schedules suggested to me, but did not have a clue on how to get started. Your product is great because you can easily change the schedule each day to fit your needs. The SchKIDule is working out really well, Colin loves it. I would recommend it to anyone!

-Cara, Republic of Ireland

WONDERFUL! Absolutely perfect. My MIL and I make up the schedule daily.   She does the mornings because I work and I do the afternoons and evenings. He has his routine memorized and he transitions without tantrums. Introducing new things has never been easier. I have even snuck in naptime! It’s just been great! I love it, thanks so much! It has helped him tremendously!

-Nijuana J., MO

“We used it with our oldest and it really helped him get through some major changes in our family. He has been moved MANY times since birth and became specifically anxious after our last move. This helped us to reassure him and help him to adapt.”

-Michele, CA

“We love the SchKIDule! My oldest is 4 and we have struggled with who is in control, as we both are strong willed individuals, the SchKIDule has given him the ability to have input into what his day will involve. He loves to sneak in “treat” or “go to the movies” magnets, but in all it has cut down on the amount of frustration he feels when he doesn’t see visually what is going on for a certain day. I highly recommend this product for any child!”

-Kara Prisock, TN

We recently purchased a set of magnets for our son. Noah loves to use his magnets. It has been a LIFE SAVER for our family. Noah can now see visually what he needs to do to accomplish a certain task or what his day will be like. This has helped him become less anxious throughout the day. Noah is working towards being somewhat independent. The quality of the magnets are excellent and they are very durable. Thank you so much for selling such wonderful products.

-Jason and Family (Toronto, Canada)

“Awesome magnets! That’s the reason I’m ordering again. My 3 year old son loves it!”


“I like it and my son likes it too.  Its been very helpful in getting him to eat his dinner and put on his PJs.  Yay!”

-Colette Bonstead, TX

I love your products and my son who has Down syndrome and is autistic uses them everyday so we can set up his day to day schedule

-Jean Cappuccetti

These magnets made setting a schedule easier for my son. His speech is increasing and he is communicating his needs with much less frustration. Thanks for making it so easy!

– Patricia Carrando, MA

I love the SchKIDule. It’s great quality, and I love the magnets. It’s so easy to move them around to accommodate changes in the schedule. No bath tonight? Just remove the bath magnet. My son has been a challenge to potty train and SchKIDules has really helped him turn the corner. He’s so much more willing to try sitting on the potty, because that’s just “what’s next.” Thanks for creating this product. It’s so much easier to buy it, than to create one at home and drive to five different stores for all the supplies. I’m a busy working mom who does not have that kind of time. All it took was about five minutes on the website.

-Audry Pearson,

As the parent of a non verbal autistic son I can’t begin to thank you enough for making this so affordable! I’m very impressed with this product and I plan on buying more.

– Anonymous

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