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(Pouch will be either black, red or blue.  Color requests can be made at checkout but cannot be promised)

NEW!!  SchKIDules V-KIT

Description: Our new V-Kits are a Velcro version of our magnetic visual schedules with some new neat possibilities.  First, our Velcro boards are EXPANDABLE!  Use the extra velcro hooks in the kit to attach one board to another.  Also, the strip provided to hang your board also works as a 3 ring binder insert strip so your visual schedule can instantly be taken ON THE GO!

Details: Each V-Kit Comes with one 8″x11″ hard backing board, one self adhesive 8″x12″ sheet of specialty black loop fabric, 22 laminated activity icon sheets containing 132 images, 135 adhesive hook dots to stick to the back of your icons, one 10″ fabric zipper pouch to hold cards and an adhesive binder strip that gives you the option to hang the the board or insert into a 3 ring binder (binder sold separately).

EXPANDABLE!!  Purchase extra boards to hang more or add additional pages to your book!

Both the pouch and the board easily fit into a 3 ring binder to take ON-THE GO or use at school!

Activity Icons List

132 Activity icons included are:  1/2 Day, Activity Table, Arrival, Art, Arts and Crafts, Assembly, Bath, Bedtime, Bike Ride, Blocks, Break, Breakfast (x2), Brush Teeth (x2), Calendar, Centers, Choice, church, circle time  clean room, Clean Up, clear stairs , clear table, comb hair, computers (x2), cubby/locker, dance, dentist, dessert, dinner, dishes, dismissal, doctor, drink, Ears listening, English, Eyes looking, family time, feed pets, field trip, Foreign , language, free time, games (x2), garbage, get dressed, going out, group work, gymnastics, haircut, hat/gloves, homework, independent work, Instrument/band, jacket, laundry, library (x2), lights on/off , line up, lunch (x2), make bed, math, Medicine , movie night, Music Class/Chorus, music lesson, nap, No talking, Nurse, OT, out to eat, outside play, P.E, pack backpack, Pack Up, pajamas, party, phone , pick up toys, play date, playground, PT, puzzles , Quiet hands, read aloud, reading (x2), recess, Rest, Restroom (x2), Safety Drill  , school, science, set table, shoes, shopping, show and tell, ,shower, Sit down, Snack (x2), Social group, social studies, special event (x2), Speech, spelling, sports , Stand up, Stop, swim, tablet (x2), Therapy  , toy time, Trip, TV, unpack backpack (x2), video games, wake up, walk, wash hands (x2), wipe sink, writing, zoo/aquarium


V-Kit Add Ons/ Build Your Own

132 Cards and Dots

22 laminated sheets containing 132 activity icons.  Simply cut and apply the velcro hook provided and use with any visual schedule set up or with our Loop Board.

11x8 Hard Loop Board

Use to expand a hanging board or to insert more pages in your notebook.  Includes the 11x8 hardboard, 12x8 self adhesive loop fabric and self adhesive binder strip.

10″ Zipper Pouch

10″x 6″ zipper pouch to help carry your cards or magnets.  Easily inserted into a binder.  Color selection is not available at this time but if you leave a comment at checkout requesting a certain color, we will ship that color IF it is in stock.

1″ Avery Heavy Duty Binder

1″ Heavy Duty Avery Binder (red).


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