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These are AMAZING! My three year old checks her “chart” multiple times a day to see what’s coming next. Lots of pictures to choose from. These are so hard to find in a brick and mortar store and you can’t make them this well yourself. Great product!


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My 3 year old has autism and he has been using something similar in school, so I bought these for home. It has been AMAZING! He has gone from saying no words regularly to saying 3 word sentences using this! His favorite thing to say is “I want shoes”. The pictures are easily recognizable for him and he seems to really enjoy having an easier way to communicate with us :)


These are the best!

Looking for a simple visual reminders or visual checklists for your children? These are the best! Awesome magnets to help children be organized and see visually their “checklists” of what is to be done for that given day. Also helpful for children who are visual learners and thrive on “seeing” what they have to do in a structured visual way. Great for INDEPENDENCE and learning how to prioritize. Nothing else to say other than these are totally worth 5 stars!

Karyn Rosenkranz


I discovered SchKIDules when I was searching for a product to improve the flow of our morning routine and decrease the sound of my own voice repeating the same instructions. Not the way I wanted to send my children off to school. SchKIDules allowed my children INDEPENDENCE in that they could visually see what they needed to do upstairs before going to the kitchen for breakfast and then what they needed to do before walking out the door. If they became distracted I took them by the hand and showed them the illustration of what comes next. Independence fostered, routines learned, fewer verbal directions, less frustration with happier kids headed to school, and a LESS STRESSED momma!

S Moksuout


Helps our granddaughter get better predictability of her day and helps with COMPLIANCE.

Michele J


These are PERFECT for my son. Helps him with his daily routines & chores and keeps him more FOCUSED!

Alissa Hadley


Love this!! It is PERFECT for my daughters and the pictures are great! They give youout so many choices.


Curley Family

Would purchase again! 10/10

Would purchase again! 10/10 These have many options we use them for our kids to show what we are doing throughout the day. My oldest son has autism and these have helped him because he can look at the schedule we have put up and see what we still have to do that day.




I got these for my 8 year old twins for Christmas to help them remember to do their CHORES. They loved arranging all their chore magnets on a dry erase board and so far it helps to keep them on track! Nice big magnets and lots of chores to choose from, covers all the bases from tooth brushing to dressing to dishes



Perfect for my toddler! Now he DOESN’T FIGHT us when brushing his teeth because he wants to move the magnet, LOL!.

Cassie Hunsicker


I got this to help keep my kids ACCOUNTABLE for their after school routines. The visuals are great and they love getting their afternoon planned out.

Margaret Williams


Having this schedule has really helped my family stay FOCUSED.



EXCELLENT VISUAL SCHEDULE! These are exactly what I was looking for. Now my kids have an easier time helping plan the day and using the visual reminders to see what is scheduled next.



These are GREAT FOR ANY CLASSROOM. I am enjoying them. Making my professional life much better and giving the children a greater sense of direction. Thank you.

Charlotte Collins


Love the pictures and sizes of the magnets. I purchased it to use with my 6 year old grandson who is non-verbal and autistic. He is able to understand the pictures and is learning “what comes next”. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product.

Hope Abernathy


Great for keeping kids on task. We LOVE these.


No more nagging

My kids took to this quickly. No more nagging, they know what to expect. CALMED DOWN the house  a bit too. I totally recommend this great visual schedule.



My little one loves this and has helped with COMMUNICATION. Really a great visual schedule with many options. I love that it’s magnetic and easy to use on the fridge or board.

Lauren Humphreys


I love these magnets. Fast shipping and GREAT QUALITY. I wasn’t sure how I would like them so I went with the 93 pc pack but now I wish I got the big pack.  Highly recommend!

Carissa O


My ASD/ADHD toddler loves these. Perfect for kids that need to visualize their schedules or what is going on. We put them on the fridge so she can check off what’s happening as we do them. GREAT BUY

Chie Picasos


AWESOME planner for kids with ASD



This is a nice size for kids to handle. Overall it covers most activities and is helping my child understand his schedule as well as helps him put words to his activities. WONDERFUL!

Sumeet Kaur


My little one loves this and has helped with COMMUNICATION. Really a great visual schedule with many options. I only use a few at a time and change it up depending on the day’s activities. I love that it’s magnetic and easy to use on the fridge or board.


Victoria Cervantes


So many options and GOOD QUALITY. Able to work and change my son’s routine with no problem. Very good item.



This was perfect for my 3 and 4 year old. I needed a schedule to better keep us on track daily. The visuals are perfect size and GREAT QUALITY. So many options to choose from, so I can add if we have an appointment or if we plan to go to the store that day. It really helps the kids know what’s happening, and heck me too. The kids love them and would totally buy again.


Heather P.


This has really REDUCED ANXIETY in our home! We make a chart for the week and weekend so he knows what to expect. We also use it for chores and a check off list for getting ready for bed. He loves it! It is a hit with our other child too!



The schedules are AMAZING and work perfect with my two kids. The pictures are great and work well at illustrating the task it’s meant for. It shipped and got here on time. I would recommend these products to friends and teachers.

Jessica Baumann


So cute and great for setting a schedule! Also a GREAT VALUE and durable.

Cindy Doucette


My son is autistic and he picked up on the magnets right away. Easy to identify and a good size in his hand PERFECT for anyone who does PECS.

Ramandeep J.

It worked like “MAGIC”

Love it! I struggled to get my 4 year old daughter to do her daily routines. Visual Schedule made things a lot easier. It worked like “MAGIC”.

Jena L.

Wonderful for communication!

Wonderful for communication! Allows my autistic son to communicate his needs and wants and allows us to offer him multiple picture schedules.

Andrea N

This was awesome

My son needs structure. He has no disabilities; he’s just an only child that needs structure and redirection. This was awesome. He participates every morning in our schedule and he loves it and it keeps him from melting down in what’s happening next.

Sarah R


We love these- it really helps my preschooler to know what is coming each day! WORKS PERFECTLY for our family and I like the quality.


Amazing product!

My 4 year old son who has speech delay LOVES the visual calendar. We have one for our morning routines, after school routine and one before bed routine. Amazing product!

Krystel K


Awesome all around. Shipping was quicker than I was anticipating. The product is great and is in full use in our house. I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND these to anyone else looking to organize their toddler/child (with or without an ASD or other diagnosis).

Migdalia F.

It has been AMAZING

This is just what we needed! It has been AMAZING for my two children with ADHD! It helps so much with morning routines and is easy to implement and maintain!

Frank P


Our ABA asked us to build a weekly schedule for our son, which was a totally new concept for us. We had only done simple daily schedules. This magnet set allowed us to complete the schedule meeting all of our needs. As a busy family with a very rigid ASD boy this schedule has been a SAVING GRACE for us all. And the types of magnets provided will last us into middle school – so the price was so worth it.


Gabrielle Rice

helped so much

This has helped so much. My son is speech delayed & words he doesn’t know how to say or sign he just goes over & grabs a magnet. It’s helped so much.. I suggest it to all my friends who have kids